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The new mobile network video recorder SRM-872 Samsung Techwin has been designed to withstand all kinds of situations on board buses, Trams, trains and trucks, complemented by mobile cameras from this manufacturer to offer a complete security solution for this industry.

Samsung Techwin SRM-872

Developed in response to growing demand from the transport sector by having IP-based networks that are resilient solutions, Samsung Techwin is available specifically for this environment the network video recorder SRM-872, together with two models of IP camera, with a mobile solution that offers recording and monitoring of highly effective video surveillance Onvif satisfying the rules.

With mobile video recorder SRM-872, designed to withstand all kinds of situations on board buses, Trams, trains and trucks, security personnel can review images in high definition without latency fast moving objects to investigate alarms or incidents.

Samsung Techwin sector transporteThis NVR for the transport sector, that offers a bandwidth 64 Mbps, records the images captured by the cameras of 2 Megapixels 60 fps, so that the edges of the images are crisp and clear also simultaneously in eight channels.

The built-in GPS system makes recording location data and, Although the hard disk of 2.5 " (hot swappable) can be easily removed to keep backups on video, SRM-872 model also supports 3G and Wi-Fi modules, for retrieving recordings 'on the fly'.

With a compact size, SRM-872 can easily be placed in the glove compartment or under the vehicle and, thanks to integrated PoE switch, reduces installation time. This NVR has a built-in heater to withstand low temperatures (-25° C) and has received or certifications in accordance with the EN-50121-3-2, EN 5012-4, IN-50155, EN-61373 and EN 609050-1, and the approval of the European railway industry.

Mobile cameras on board

rp_Samsung-Techwin-SNV-6012m-605x490.jpgTo complete this security solution for the transport sector, Samsung Techwin has developed two models of camera phones-SNF-7010VM and SNV-6012M- with digital image stabilization (DIS), correcting the effects of vibration in displacement and significantly reduces the effects of a moving shutter as, for example, a wobbly or inclined image. Thereby, Images can be viewed in high quality.

The SNF-7010VM camera, of 3 megapixel (1.080p), facilitates the selection of different display options: ojo de weighed 360 º, panoramic view, panoramic view double, quad view mode and view rectangles, plus the user to visualize the area of ​​your choice. This model, vandal-resistant IK10, has four polygonal areas motion detection and digital PTZ, besides progressive scan technology by which the contours of moving people and cars are clearly.

Samsung Techwin SNF-7010Flat mini dome network 2 megapixel SNV Full-HD 6012M captures high quality color in low light conditions, from 0,03 luxury, and has a frequency of flash box 60 FPS to 1. 080p.

Improved technology of dynamic range expansion, integrated into the DSP chipset WiseNetIII this model, offers superior performance to 120dB, and produces sharp images in brightly lit scenes where living areas and very dark areas. Through the fog function of this model can improve the clarity of the images captured in adverse environmental conditions, as rain, humor on Niebla.

Both cameras, with IP66 casing and resistance to inclement weather, meet the EN50121 regulations related to electromagnetic emissions in railway environments, well as regulations EN50155.

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By • 6 May, 2014
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