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The new range of video surveillance cameras from Samsung Techwin 960H incorporates features that allow them to record a color image 700 TVL high resolution.

Samsung scb 3003

This range of Samsung Techwin consists of three models: The SCB-3003 classic cameras, Dome with varifocal lens 3.6x monitored, SCD-3083, IP66 vandal dome and SCV-3083 integrates the same lens as the previous.

The two domes and camera 960H new range feature an advanced extension of the dynamic range (WDR) which compensates the backlight with an efficiency 128 times higher than with conventional dynamic range extension. Add to that the Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR), which automatically adjusts the dark areas of an image, and Super Noise Reduction Samsung (SSNRIII) which ensures high-quality images in a variety of harsh environments, even in low light such as 0,1 luxury.

Samsung scv 3083The new models incorporate Samsung Techwin progressive scan technology for optimum recording high quality video of moving objects, making it possible, for example, you can read the license plates of vehicles without the image blurring from motion.

The autofocus of these cameras is done by Simple Focus option, that by pressing the button located on the back of the camera or DVR remotely using a coaxial control is activated.

Samsung scd 3083Another significant benefit is that the Simple Focus automatically optimizes the need for sharp images and clear focus when the day / night function of the camera switches from color to monochrome.

All cameras in the 960H range include intelligent video analysis, that helps tell people or detect activity through various means such as driver integrity and direction detection input / output, appearance and disappearance of objects and scene change tampering, which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on the lens of the camera or unauthorized it away from the normal field of vision movement occurs.

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By • 29 Nov, 2013
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