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The Surround Video manufacturer Arecont Vision series features a new model of IP camera 40 megapixel day / night panoramic offering 180 degrees.

Arecont Vision SurroundVideoThe manufacturer of IP video surveillance Arecont Vision has added to its series Surround Video new IP camera 'all in one': V40185DN offering up 40 megapixel day / night panoramic with high resolution 180 degrees for surveillance of large areas.

This comprehensive solution is an effective and economical solution, because with a single surround device of this series can be monitored with all guarantees a wide area, otherwise, would be needed to cover various models PTZ.

Arecont Vision SurrounVideoThis model is the fourth generation of megapixel cameras with his series Surround Video, made so far by devices 8 up 20 megapixel, in panoramic settings 180 and 360 dual degrees with H.264 and MJPEG encoder, Cases resistant to adverse weather conditions you IP66.

With the integration of multisensor SurroundVideo, a single panoramic camera can replace up to twenty four conventional devices, with the ability to expand the visual field protection up to provide forensic detail, even in low light conditions.

The camera also offers various mounting options (surface, wall, hanging in the roof) switches and day / night change made simultaneously to achieve superior performance in low light or night, considering the least illuminated sensor. For low light environments can add infrared illumination.

ArecontVision SurroundVideo

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By • 29 Aug, 2013
• Section: To fund, CCTV