Mobotix Grupo Security solar farm Murcia

To secure the six-kilometre perimeter of a large solar farm in Murcia, Security Group has installed 60 M73 cameras Mobotix. Different equipment has been used to achieve an optimal combination with 17 and 45th; And, for short distances of up to 50 Meters, The 56º ECOS models.

Security Group has used the Mobotix thermal imaging technology to protect and monitor the perimeter of one of the largest solar farms in the region of Murcia, an initiative that had already been carried out in two other smaller orchards

Thermal imaging cameras have the advantage of detecting movement or presence at a very long distance. An important quality that allows the cameras to be placed at a long distance from the solar panels and thus avoid shadows that could be cast on the panels and affect production.

Mobotix Grupo Security solar farm Murcia

"For dark conditions, other cameras that use infrared focus, They only offer black and white images, And they operate with a very limited distance because the light source only reaches the 80 Meters. However, a Mobotix thermal imaging camera with a tight angle of more than 200 meters is able to detect people and vehicles without difficulty", explains José Ramón Guirao García, systems manager at Grupo Securit.

Moreover, Mobotix technology makes it possible to give access to both people and vehicles that have to go to work in the solar farms, so that anyone who is not previously registered and approaches the established perimeter of the solar farm will cause an alarm.

In order to protect the six-kilometre perimeter of this large solar farm, 60 M73 cameras by Mobotix. In order to reduce the installation and distribution of technology as much as possible, different equipment has been used to achieve an optimal combination with 17 and 45th; And, for short distances of up to 50 Meters, 56° echo chambers.

Mobotix Grupo Security solar farm Murcia

Bearing in mind that in solar farms the wind can blow very strongly, and under the premise of offering a tailor-made solution, Grupo Security's engineering department, in collaboration with a metallurgical company, has designed ad hoc poles for Mobotix cameras.

These are square posts with gates through which the camera can be inserted and screwed to the metal post. These ensure its stability in strong winds, with the device fully fixed, in addition to improving the aesthetics of the place.

Another challenge was to address detection issues outside the perimeter and reduce false alarms as much as possible. People can be detected outside the perimeter, animals or even vegetation, who approaches the fence or who leave their shadow on it. Add to this the reflections of the headlights of the vehicles that circulate near the solar plant or the reflections of the infrared. The configuration in detail in the Intelligent Video Analysis System has solved this problem.

Mobotix's smart solution is able to identify at long distances very accurately and correctly. I mean, Detect and classify both people and vehicles, as well as differentiating vegetation and animals, minimizing false alarms as much as possible and generating only those that are relevant for an operator to assess.

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By • 8 May, 2024
• Section: Alarms, Case studies, Detection, Video surveillance