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With the presence of nearly a hundred partners, the manufacturer of IP video surveillance systems and its main distributor have shown in this event the latest technological developments that will be released, as well as the business opportunities and applications of new developments.

mobotix-y-life-ipMadrid's Santiago Bernabéu stadium has been the stage chosen by Mobotix And life.ip, the main distributor of its networked cameras, to hold the 1st Vision of the Future Conference, attended by nearly a hundred of its partners.

At this event, Alfredo Gutierrez, business development manager for Iberia by Mobotix AG, ahead of attendees of the technological developments that will be presented to the market in the coming months, in addition to explaining the financial momentum, technological and commercial technology that has resulted in its acquisition by Japan's Konica Minolta.

Rainer Artelt, Mobotix's European Sales Director, was responsible for presenting the partner program and its structure to reach the end customer, and stressed that her membership of Konica Minolta after the purchase "will not influence the channel, it will only help to get more leads".

mobotix-y-life-ipOn the turn of life.ip and with Javier Alba, responsible business development in the South, and Amador Hernandez, in the North, attendees knew in detail the features of Mobotix solutions, with special emphasis on analytics technology to develop different applications, of which several examples were given.

This 1st Vision of the Future Conference has also served for the manufacturer's partners and the distributor will be found, share experiences about their businesses and facilities and learn about new proposals and development opportunities, in addition to sharing a chat with Paco Buyo, Real Madrid exporter, and take a tour of the stadium of this football club.

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By • 6 Oct, 2016
• Section: Events, Training, Business, Video surveillance