Vivotek at Hellenic Club

The backbone of this restaurant's surveillance system is based on a network made up of 61 cameras Vivotek, backed by a 128 channels and the VAST CMS 2.

The Hellenic Club first opened on Elizabeth Street in the late 1980s. 1950 as a meeting place to celebrate and continue Greek culture in Australia. After a major renovation, This Greek restaurant reopened its doors in 2021 and the Alpha restaurant is part of the Hellenic Club of Sydney.

In Australia's bustling culinary scene, the Alpha restaurant distinguished itself by getting a place among the 20 best in the country. Unoccupied for more than two decades, The World Heritage structure underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a symbol of architectural splendor.

Vivotek at Hellenic Club

With a total project cost of 160.000 Dollars, the responsibility for equipping the heritage building with a sophisticated CCTV and access control system fell on Sensatek. Appointed by the building developer overseeing the meticulous renovation, He was tasked with finding a suitable solution as well as identifying an installer capable of executing the vision of a seamlessly integrated security infrastructure.

This collaboration marked the intersection of culinary excellence, architectural heritage and cutting-edge security technology, creating a narrative of innovation and sophistication.

In the field of surveillance solutions, Vivotek stood out as the ideal choice for the Hellenic Club, for its quality and reliability, to respond to surveillance needs.

Vivotek at Hellenic Club

Solution support TrendMicro Cybersecurity played a key role in closing the deal. Sensatek convinced the end user about the role this cybersecurity feature played in ensuring the integrity and security of their network. This positioned Vivotek as a brand committed to the highest standards of data protection. In addition, the implementation of the NR9782 server exceeded expectations and contributed to the success of the project.

To strengthen the security infrastructure of the Alpha restaurant and the Hellenic Club, Sensatek implemented a comprehensive suite of Vivotek solutions. A network of 61 Strategically placed cameras, backed by a NVR 128 channels and an HDD storage of 160 Tb, form the backbone of the surveillance system. To ensure uninterrupted operations, Delta UPS integrated to protect against power interruptions.

Vivotek at Hellenic Club

The centralized management of this configuration was orchestrated through VAST 2, Vivotek CMS software. This versatile platform effectively monitors the entire extension of the restaurant, spanning three floors, Three elevators, Entertainment Areas, Eight kitchens for meticulous control of food quality and stairs for greater safety control.

The diverse range of camera models offered by Vivotek has played a key role in tailoring surveillance to specific scenarios. For example, models IB9388-HT E IT9388-HT, Chosen for their aesthetics, adorn dining areas, while the FD9387-HTV Used in kitchens. The camera FD9367-HTV, with its wide temperature range, ensures effective monitoring in CoolRooms.

The VAST Implementation 2 has introduced cutting-edge features like smart search, Reliable Server, Video Clarity, Camera Robustness and TrendMicro Cybersecurity Solution. Parallel, the implementation of the NR9782 server has exceeded expectations by adding an additional layer of robustness to the entire project.

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By • 12 Jun, 2024
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