Ajax TurretCam BulletCam DomeCam Mini & NVR

The recent celebration of the fifth edition of Ajax Special Event has served to show its new TurretCam models, BulletCam and DomeCam Mini, with four possible configurations and IP65 certification.

With built-in smart technology and privacy, A Camerasjax TurretCam, BulletCam and DomeCam Mini They can have a have a One of four possible configurations: A lens with a Viewing angle of 85 Or 110 Degrees and a 3K or 4K resolution.

Each of these cameras easily adapts to changes in light thanks to the Intelligent True WDR technology, that corrects uneven lighting in complex scenes, frame by frame, in real time.

Ajax TurretCam BulletCam DomeCam Mini & NVR

With IP65 certified to withstand complex weather conditions, These devices, already available, Equip a digital microphone, with a custom noise reduction system.

The cameras use the Ajax Cloud server to transmit system events. The Patented JetSparrow technology of this company ensures fast transmission of P2P video data.

Thanks to the Analytics with Artificial Intelligence, These devices can detect and recognize various types of objects, as humans, Vehicles & Animals, allowing the system to record only important events and save storage space.

Ajax TurretCam BulletCam DomeCam Mini & NVR

The user can optimize their video repository by configuring the Pixel Motion Detection, as well as defining specific zones to ensure that recording only starts when movement occurs in the selected area.

The manufacturer has also introduced a new Network Video Recorder that integrates with your video management system (Vms), thus ensuring perfect synchronization with the entire Ajax ecosystem and compatibility with most IP cameras.

Ajax NVR is available in Versions of 8 And 16 Channels, and provides instant access to the video repository via JetSparrow streaming technology with TLS encryption.

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By • 15 Nov, 2023
• Section: storage, Events, Video surveillance