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Vivotek FT9361-R

Thanks to deep learning artificial intelligence technology, the new FT9361-R facial recognition tablet from Vivotek can accurately detect a real person from a high-definition photo.

As he explains David Liu, president of Vivotek United States, "simply showing the face to the facial recognition tablet FT9361-R we achieve a real contactless access control and hands-free. Its deep learning AI technology can accurately detect a real person living and breathing from a high-definition photo., especially effective for medical care, data centers, etc..

Vivotek FT9361-REach FT9361-R facial recognition tablet, recently presented in ISC West 2022, can store up to 50.000 Profiles. Through the facial database, administrators can categorize profiles into different groups, as blacklists and whitelists, VIP, Etc., and grant different credentials to each group.

"The integration of FT9361-R with an access control system can detect facial profiles of 30 To 150 cm in front of the tablet and match the features with those of the database, Adds Liu.. When recognition is verified, the access control system commands to open or close an entry point, which thanks to its hands-free technology is done quickly and easily".

Facial images are captured and verified in real time with biometric authentication. Thanks to deep learning analysis it is possible to accurately verify the identity of a person, even with makeup, beard, Glasses, hats or masks, which provides accurate authentication of the 99% for a secure environment, based on manufacturer's data.

From Vivotek ensure that facial recognition uses biometric credentials that can not be transferred to others, which reduces the risk of fraudulent access or employees signing other colleagues. New FT9361-R tablet gradually introduces dual accreditation functionality, integrating facial recognition and card reader, facilitating security at a higher level.

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By • 29 Sea, 2022
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