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The line of cameras, Indoor and outdoor, Avigilon HD multi-sensor is available in three (9 MP) and four sensors (12 MP), providing a high level of detail, HD resolution and 360 degree coverage with multiple views.

Avigilon HD multi-sensor

Multisensor HD cameras Avigilon allow completely flexible coverage areas generally require several teams, providing great detail in capturing images with a resolution of HD. They provide the ability to digitally expand when any movement occurs in the field of view.

Avigilon HD multi-sensorThis line is available in Avigilon 12 MP, with 4 sensors, and 9 MP, with 3 sensors, individually configurable, making it easy to monitor any type of environment, providing multiple views and great image quality and resolution. And, all, from a single platform.

These teams are multi-directional and can cover even the most difficult angles, within a field of view 360 degrees. Also, They are equipped with the technology Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), offering a great clarity and detail, even under a high-brightness light or total darkness.

Avigilon HD multi-sensorMSDS also have technology that provides better image quality with less impact on bandwidth and storage capacity.

These are computers that have different types of surface mount, hung or installed on the ceiling, en interior o exterior, including buildings with multiple entry points.

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By • 6 May, 2015
• Section: CCTV