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Hikvision range of surveillance products

As an 'Authorized Partner', the distributor will incorporate a wide variety of products and security solutions from Hikvision to support benefits, versatility and cost reduction across multiple projects.

Cmatic has signed an agreement with Hikvision to become an 'Authorized Partner' of its security and video surveillance products and solutions.

Hikvision, that develops cutting-edge technologies in audio and video coding, image processing and data storage, meets the needs of various vertical markets, among which public safety stands out, Transport, Education, Health, finance and energy, as well as all kinds of smart projects (video intelligence) in home environments, industry and automotive.

Hikvision ColorVu

Some examples of Hikvision's technology can be found in AcuSense (with algorithms that filter down to the 90% of false alarms in intrusion events of people and vehicles); Live Guard (allows you to incorporate functions to Acusense cameras through the Hik Connect app or an NVR alarm input interface); AX Pro (wireless intrusion alarm system); And ColorVu (produces colorful videos, even in low-light conditions).

After joining the 'Partner Program', Cmatic customers have access to the entire Hikvision product portfolio and support and training services.

Cmatic will continue to offer professional and customized solutions that now also benefit from the synergies of Hikvision's video surveillance products..

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By • 9 Feb, 2022
• Section: Business, Video surveillance