Fujifilm SX800

Designed to cover a wide range of focal lengths (From 20 mm to one meter), the SX800 video surveillance camera Fujifilm equips a 40X optical zoom and a 1.25X digital zoom.

The camera SX8000 It has a new image stabilization system that combines the optical image stabilization (OIS) and the electronic image stabilization (Eis), thus compensating for possible shaking of the device by gusts of wind or vibrations.

In this sense, Fujifilm SX800 is especially effective in its function at ultra telephoto distances, in which he perceives even the slightest jolts.

Fujifilm SX800In EIS mode, this camera uses a sensor large enough to ensure a Full HD resolution (1.920×1.080Q) and superior quality footage. Combined use with OIS also substantially improves the durability of the image stabilization system.

SX800 has gyroscopic sensors high-precision to detect ultra-high vibrations. The use of a new high-power linear motor offers an advanced level of accuracy and tracking performance.

Phase Detection AF, located on the camera sensor, uses phase detection pixels to instantly measure distance based on incident light displacement. The SX800 also has Contrast AF, that accurately detects high-contrast areas in images to automatically perform optimal AF adjustment.

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By • 11 Nov, 2021
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance