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Mobotix Hub

The new open video management platform Mobotix Hub is compatible with all of the company's video systems with Onvif certification and more than 10.000 cameras and devices.

Mobotix has opened the doors to flexibility and integration with its new open video management platform Mobotix Hub. As he explains Alfredo Gutierrez, regional sales manager of Iberia and Italy+, "this new development closes the circle to continue growing. It is what will allow us to play in world leagues, be more efficient and flexible for any type of solution”.

It has just been presented and will be released next time 26 May. It is a platform that integrates VMS and BMS with all the applications embedded in its smart cameras. "A very powerful VMS with full functionality, that will adapt and evolve over time", adds Alfredo Gutiérrez.

As the hardware and software of the video security market develop, this video management platform will be adapted. COMPATIBLE WITH ONVIF, can be connected to other video installations and new systems. In addition, allows you to configure alarms and activate different functions. With three product updates per year, the company ensures that the system is kept up to date.

“Video technology allows much more than ensuring security. Data collection for optimization purposes, marketing and integration into other systems is an unquestionable necessity”, Explains Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix. “As a technology expert company, we always want to go a step further and think about the future. Mobotix Hub is an essential tool for this, as to support our integration with other video management systems partners”.

While cameras are still the most important piece of systems, complementary event and analytics software, based on Deep Learning and artificial intelligence, opens the doors to a large number of security features, protection and optimization. The goal is to improve the efficiency and security of workflows, as well as commercial and production processes.

Mobotix Hub

Centralized control

Mobotix Hub provides a centralized control concept that connects all network components. Video and security systems are easy to manage, so that an optimal overview is achieved.

besides Mobotix Cloud And Management Center, offers three video management solutions adaptable to any need. Also, those who only use cameras Move can add Move NVR as an integrated storage and management solution.

The new platform brings together security cameras and analysis, access control systems, safety equipment, environmental sensors, as well as the software and hardware of industrial installations, in a single user interface and control in a centralized way.

Mobotix Hub intelligently processes the collected data to help protect people and facilities, as well as to analyze behaviors and optimize business processes.

Mobotix Move

Available in five levels

Mobotix Hub is available in five different levels: from the free L1 system, for small applications with up to eight locally located cameras, up to the L5 system, for the most demanding security applications, larger and multi-location, compatible with an unlimited number of cameras and devices installed anywhere in the world.

The user can access video systems flexibly from the mobile, the web or the Desk Client. Video Wall supports the two most powerful levels of the system (L4 and L5) and offers the user a clear overview in a comprehensive control center.


Like all the solutions of this German company, Mobotix HUB is designed to provide secure end-to-end communication to protect data and the entire network.

Cybersecurity measures are constantly being developed to ensure full protection against possible cyberattacks.

The software of this video management platform is the union of different security mechanisms. Combined with strict electronic data processing security procedures, the staggered administrator and user permissions that are applied on the server make it the first choice for companies and organizations with high security requirements.

Mobotix Hub

Spanish market

Moreover, the delegation in Madrid has become a nerve center of the company. They have a new location, with offices of 300 square meters, and a human team that grows day by day. The sales department has six people, while the development has eight, and they plan to incorporate an average of two per month. "And always looking for national talent", clarifies Alfredo Gutierrez.

The Hub of Madrid is considered the second most important of the company and from here they have also collaborated in the realization of the new video management platform that they have just announced.

As far as the immediate future is concerned, the regional sales manager of Iberia and Italy+ of Mobotix, explains how they adapt and evolve with society and the market. "With the pandemic we have learned and it has allowed us to evolve as a company and in front of customers.. The market is a living being".

Looking ahead to these months and as far as vertical markets are concerned ,"our sights are set on the holiday sector, in the hotel and catering sector and, already thinking about autumn and with the expected return of normalcy, the focus is on industry, in the monitoring and optimization of processes".

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By • 17 May, 2021
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