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LDA AudioTech CI-825TNCERTIFIED EN 54-24, the CI-825TN acoustic column of LDA Audio Tech offers a wide frequency response and low distortion to emit evacuation messages in an intelligible way.

CI-825TN is a high-performance voice alarm column speaker, EN certificate 54-24, developed by LDA Audio Tech for outdoor installation, as it has protection IP66, although it can also be used indoors.

With a wide frequency response, low distortion and high sound pressure, CI-825TN allows you to broadcast evacuation messages by voice in an intelligible and accurate way, with high-quality sound reproduction.

This voice alarm column 40 W, with white design to be easily combined in multiple environments and easy to install, is suitable for hotels, cinemas, theme parks, factories and exhibitions.

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By • 29 Jun, 2021
• Section: Evacuation, Services