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This line, G408 and G416, is able to simultaneously manage up to 32 cameras 4 MP with high processing and storage capacity.

Scati G400

With the ability to manage up to 32 cameras 4 megapixels simultaneously with maximum performance, as it offers a higher-entry throughput than 270 Mbps, video vcrs Scati G400 vision offer greater processing and storage capacity than its predecessors.

This line, G408 and G416, has a PoE switch of up to 16 Integrated ports that allows you to migrate your CCTV system to the most advanced IP technology and continue to enjoy fast and hassle-free commissioning.

Scati G400

In addition, unlike its predecessor, has two Gigabit network interfaces, allowing direct connection to an encoder to make it even easier to migrate the analog system to an IP system.

Scati solutions have been designed with high levels of cybersecurity. That's why, all your video vcrs and client applications incorporate current systems like Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18 (LTS distribution with extended support) to ensure the availability of security patches when a vulnerability or threat is detected.

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By • 14 Jan, 2020
• Section: Computer security, Video surveillance