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The 40.000 square meters of this mall have a new public address and voice evacuation system based on the certified solutions in 54 LDA Audio Tech.

LDA Txingundi Mall

The Txingundi Mall It is located five kilometers from the border between Spain and France, so it is a place for much of the traffic by road between the two countries.
Has an area of 40.000 square meters including a large supermarket of 12.000 square meters and a full commercial offer which includes fashion, Add-ins, Furniture, Automobile equipment, toys, services, restoration and leisure.

To protect this wide expanse, system of public address and voice of all evacuation Center has been renovated using certified solutions in 54 of LDA Audio Tech.

Public address and voice evacuation system in 54-16 LDA NEO is a compact, all-in-one, that to be plug-and-play it reduces costs and time as it facilitates the installation, the maintenance and the operation of the system.

LDA Audio Tech NEO in 54-16

NEO, Apart from being a team with certificate in 54-16 (2426-CPR-105), that has components of high quality and durability as well as specific functions beyond the minimum required to obtain the certificate and thus make it a very robust team.

It includes 8 amplifiers, digital audio matrix (40×1024), line supervisor, amp reservation and double player of pre-recorded messages (4GB). The system allows to integrate and communicate openly in various ways with other systems, either by commands over Ethernet UDP connection, contact closure or RS232/485.

It has audio over Ethernet natively, can post your tickets and receive up to 32 additional and independent high quality digital audio inputs (48KHz, 24bits) without delays from the data network.

The system allows a remote control and intuitive web-based, through the data network, from a central checkpoint using the LDA SIME Control software.

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By • 13 Sep, 2018
• Section: Alarms, Case Studies