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His family Quasar Gen III models have built-in 1080 p IR PTZ, Arel Gen III in mini format dome and bullet, and the mini hemispherical dome Quasar's 12 MP.

FLIR company new cameras

FLIR Systems It has expanded its range of security cameras for the enterprise market with three new models: Quasar Gen III 1080 p IR PTZ, Arel Gen III in mini format dome and bullet, and the mini hemispherical dome Quasar's 12 MP. Each of these teams is with United VMS 8.0, improving line of solutions of safety of end to end of the company in major infrastructure and critical environments.

FLIR Arel Gen III mini dome and bulletDesigned for difficult environments, the Quasar Gen III camera 1080 p PTZ incorporates go long-range lighting (around each 200 meters) and the latest optical and mechanical PTZ. Is the optimum choice parapara urban surveillance implementations, critical infrastructures, airports and other security applications that require wide coverage.

The dome and format bullet Ariel Gen III are designed with motorised varifocal lens minicúpula and bullet shape factors, along with function sWDR, IR lighting, H.264/H.265 compression and management through the VMS of Flir.

FLIR Quasar 1080 p IR PTZThese new models easily handle movement and lighting variations and are suitable for airports, urban surveillance, critical infrastructure sites, commercial offices and campus.

Last, the mini dome hemispheric Quasar's 12 MP provides high quality images in a 360° panoramic view through VMS United. Equipped with a vandal-resistant indoor and outdoor housing, way audio, lighting by infrared and I/O interface, This camera solution is ready for use in a wide range of applications.

The camera also supports custom views using digital presets without affecting the recording of the full 360° view, so it is the ideal choice for coverage complete, panoramic video surveillance during the display and playback live.

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By • 12 Sep, 2017
• Section: CCTV