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Design and implementation of control rooms specialist has developed this innovative way of working, focused on visual ergonomics, It allows the management of a large number of information from different sources with a single keyboard and mouse.

Gesab DeskWall

How work has changed radically in recent years because that is required to manage and control a large number of information sources simultaneously. Big Data of Internet of Things technologies (IoT) they involve the generation of a huge amount of data on which decisions are needed fast and accurate.

This is the starting point of DeskWall, a new dynamic KVM, ergonomic, flexible and collaborative developed by Gesab, specialist in design and execution of control rooms, that allows a centralized and absolute control of different sources of information.

Gesab DeskWall

The development of large-format screens, panoramic curves and ultra opens a wide range of possibilities when it comes to having a canvas where to place different sources of information: from your own computer to different external applications, Web services, IP video, streaming or remote desktop, all of this is managed with a single keyboard and mouse.

A new philosophy of work based on visual ergonomics standards, especially suitable for control centre operators, such as emergency control centers, traffic, airports, Treasury rooms, cybersecurity or industrial processes, the flexibility of the DeskWall system gives the capacity that the operator can adapt to any requirement, being especially relevant in critical environments where making decisions quickly and efficiently are key.

Gesab DeskWall

For Joost Jacob, CCTV specialist, "DeskWall is the solution that we have been waiting so far. It is just brilliant. The concept of control room that had so far must be rethought it and its possibilities are huge".

DeskWall provides a large number of benefits in the corporate area, operational and personal, raising the productivity of the operator and the profitability of the company in the short term, In addition to optimizing energy efficiency since it requires less number of monitors. Visual and ergonomic comfort reduces stress and lowers the risk of occupational diseases.

Gesab DeskWall

As noted from the company, “the development of the system capacity is unlimited, and already working on versions with new features and integration into own control consoles, creating the concept Smart Consoles, a new revolution in centres and control around the world room”.

The functionality and ergonomics of DeskWall have already shown in different international fairs in Spain, Dubai, Holland, South Africa and United States, Although the system is now officially on the market.

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By • 21 June, 2017
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