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The company Gesab has equipped this modern complex from which all items and services on security of all institutions are coordinated.

Gesab cias queretaro Center

As head of planning, Organization, management implementation and evaluation of the actions in matters of public security, the Ministry of security citizen of Mexico you have completed a project to reduce the incidence of crime in the State of Querétaro with the coordination of all actors in the Center CQ Cias, Unified technological tools and equipment specialist Gesab.

The approach for the implementation of this new Center begins with the decision of the Government of the State of Querétaro concentrate in a single building the technical and operational coordination of all technology infrastructure security. Installation univicada that that could help direct different institutions and security elements, as police, Firefighters, civil protection, medical emergencies, Attorney general's office, Secretary of national defense and team of the 911.

Gesab cias queretaro CenterFor this, the company Gesab has equipped the four rooms of the complex control to facilitate your daily work the operator, as well as the interaction and collaboration between all the security features that are part of the Cias CQ, that there is a main room to monitor and manage more than 2.000 network video surveillance cameras, whose information is shared between all the members of the institutions of public security and protection of Querétaro.

Gesab cias queretaro CenterThis security management and monitoring room features a large rear-projection laser videowall, in 10 × 2 configuration, to help operators to view the images and content captured by the surveillance network cameras.

The project continues with the equipment in the rooms of citizen attention 911 and 089 where emergency calls are received, with NOC and SOC Security Management Center.

Gesab is also in charge of the crisis room equipment, with capacity to work twelve people if emergency situations occur, featuring a LCD videowall in configuration 3 × 2. The furniture technician for this project includes the Advantis NG Gesab consoles, in which one of its sides has been customized and backlit with acronyms of companies.

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By • 11 Jan, 2019
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems, Infrastructure, Urban Security, Services