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Intel Movidius has integrated its high performance and low consumption Myriad technology 2 VPU in safety from this manufacturer, You can thus use neural networks on the same computer and provide advanced analysis and monitoring features, inter.

The specialist in embedded computer vision technology Intel Movidius He has been involved with Dahua Technology to publicize the use of its Myriad technology 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) in some cameras video surveillance from this manufacturer to offer advanced video analysis performance, as groups of people density monitoring; stereoscopic vision; people counting, behavior analysis and detection of vehicles parked illegally.

Movidius technology focuses on high performance based on artificial intelligence (IA) with smart devices of very low consumption. Thanks to Myriad 2 VPU, Dahua can use neural networks in the same video surveillance device, providing intelligence to the cameras, that it can be used with or without computing resources in the cloud.

"The new frontier for AI and machine learning is to use these technologies in real-world products, "what it means to reduce to a level it enough under the demands of consumption to incorporate technologies in cameras", It said Remi El-Ouazzane, vp. the Group of new technologies at Intel and director general of Movidius.

According to the announcement of Dahua, "Myriad technology 2 VPU provides a great computing capacity for deep neural networks, pointing out at the same time less than a watt of consumption, It allows us to create some of the most intelligent products that exist to date".

Intel completed the acquisition of Movidius process in November of last year, integrating the VPU platform for image processing on the same device of this company, with its solution for detection of depth with Intel RealSense technology; a combination enabling autonomous machines to see in three dimensions, understand what surrounds them and act accordingly.

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By • 18 Apr, 2017
• Section: Business, Services, CCTV