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An integrated surveillance solution has been installed by 15 exterior cameras Ubiquiti AirVision UVC-G3, located in lanterns within the town, It recorded 24 hours and are managed from a control room located on the premises of the Local police.

With a population of just 7.000 people, the Madrid municipality of Campo Real has installed a system of video surveillance composed by fifteen cameras that are are located strategically in the helmet urban.

The equipment is found located in the tickets and in areas of special interest, as the Plaza Mayor, the industrial estate, the public school or secondary education Institute. Thanks to this infrastructure, the Local police officers can control the traffic or the different infringements that occur in the municipality, In addition to improving the sense of safety of the residents.

"Will be expanded any more camera and we are working on mobile equipment that will be moving by different parts of the municipality. This represents an effective aid to the work of the Local police and the Civil Guard in the town", explains the first lieutenant of Mayor, Juan Antonio Sanz, during the presentation of this initiative that was carried out on Wednesday 22 February.

Approved by the Government delegation in Madrid, the installation of the cameras has been a zero cost to the municipal coffers thanks to the agreement signed with the WiFi technology marketing company, Converged solutions.

These cameras not only have the mission to serve as monitoring systems, but also used as WiFi access points that allow you to extend the coverage to residents in the town.

Urban security infrastructure

For the implementation of this solution of video surveillance has been used 15 outside cameras Ubiquiti AirVision UVC-G3 have been installed on lampposts, transmitting on a frequency WiFi of 5,8 MHz to the antenna receiving, located in the building of the Local police.

This team of 4 megapixel resolution 1080 p Full HD (1.920×1.080) and lens of 3,6 mm is built with an injected polycarbonate and aluminium housing. Incorporates a sensor HDR 1.3 ", microphone and mode night IR Led with IR filter mechanical, as well as network interface 10/100 Ethernet Port.

The cameras recorded 24 hours and are managed from a control room located on the premises of the Local police. Its objective is to "citizen security and the prevention of offences against persons, "in addition to the great effect deterrent that cause that all that enter to the service know that is being recorded", After Local police chief says, Ismael July.

This control center it has set up a server, where are stored the images coming from cameras, and three monitors of 32 inches. The management is done through software Unified Video that own computers.

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By • 24 Feb, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, Urban Security, CCTV