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The facility has an EN-certified control team 54 more than 2000 W of RMS power, with more than four hundred sound points.

Located in the privileged enclave of the donostiarra beach of La Concha and belonging to the chain Marriott, The Hotel María Cristina has contributed since 1912, date of its inauguration, to the tourist transformation of San Sebastian as a destination for the aristocracy and high society to today's cosmopolitan proposal.

blankThis hotel, elegant design built by Charles Mewes (architect of the Ritz hotels in Paris and Madrid) has renovated part of its security facilities, including security public address and voice alarm systems.

For these latest systems he has relied on the technology of the Spanish company Optimus, who has supplied EN-certified control equipment 54 more than 2000 W of RMS power and more than four hundred sound points, mostly ceiling speakers 6 W RMS model A-2-66EN with metal back cover, ceramic terminals, thermal fuse and fire-resistant internal wiring.


International expansion

The company has also completed international projects, such as the installation of a public address system at Buraimi University (UOB), one of the main academic facilities of the Sultanate of Oman, in the Middle East.

blankThe new public address system is based on Optimus' compact A-8000X system, with an integrated amplifier of 240 W RMS with six outputs for speaker lines, expandable up to 54 controlled from the front panel from six microphonic zone desks and a remote control panel.

Sound points are standard ceiling speakers 6 Inch, with ABS frame and metal grille. In addition, some independent sound systems have been supplied, like A-257WiFi WiFi ceiling speakers, to offer a personalized and controlled music broadcast from the mobile phone.

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By • 9 Oct, 2020
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