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Designed for surveillance of large areas, The new PNM-9020V incorporates Hanwha Techwin's H.265 and WiseStream compression technology and several sensors to capture multiple high-quality joined images.

PNM-9020V is the new video surveillance camera Hanwha Techwin which adds to its Samsung Wisenet P range and incorporates several sensors that allow you to capture four images attached, of 2 megapixels each, with lens 3,6 mm to form an image composed of 180o. To do this, it has a synchronized alignment lever, located in the center of the device, that raises and lowers sensors in a coordinated manner for easy setup.

As Tim Biddulph details, Director of Product Management at Hanwha Techwin Europe, "the possibilities of high-definition panoramic images produced by the PNM-9020V camera allows end users to obtain a very significant return on investment, because it can do the work of three or four standard HD devices".

In addition to having digital PTZ, ip66 outdoor protection and anti-vandal IK10 certification, this new camera shares many features with the other four models of the Wisenet P series, as automatic digital tracking (Digital AutoTracking); wide dynamic range (Wdr) and lens distortion correction (Lcd), as well as two-way audio, privacy masks, PoE feed / 12V DC and SD memory card slot.

As a standard feature, cameras in this range include video analytics, with heat maps, virtual line, in and out, Etc. In addition, the open platform DSP chipset integrated into the PNM-9020V gives the user the flexibility to run video analytics on the camera itself.

In terms of efficiency and low bandwidth consumption, this device combines the manufacturer's WiseStream technology with H.265 compression to control coding dynamically and balancedly, depending on the movement in the image.

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By • 18 Jan, 2017
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance