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The goal of both multinationals is to develop and offer devices with the ability to access information from an advanced neural network and perform high-performance analysis.


Network video surveillance systems specialist Hikvision and the multinational processors Intel, specifically your newly acquired company Movidius, have signed a technological collaboration agreement to develop a line of smarter security cameras than current models in the market in the Internet of Things environment (Internet of Things - IoT).

The goal of this collaboration is to create and deliver devices that are able to access advanced neural network information to perform high-performance analysis accurately and without the need for additional advanced equipment.

HikvisionThe combination of the Myriad Advanced Processing Unit 2 Movidius vision with Hikvision IoT security solutions will enable the development of a cognitive system capable of detecting anomalies such as delivering suspicious packages and even alerting drivers of a company who are distracted after a long time on the road, Etc. In addition, to create a new range of standard smart cameras for vertical markets such as retail, hospitality or industry, among others.

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By • 2 Dec, 2016
• Section: Systems control, Detection, Business, Video surveillance