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High-performance, with a resolution that quadruples the level of detail with respect to Full HD, and greater flexibility for a great variety of applications of video surveillance and monitoring are some of the arguments that offers this manufacturer in this article.

Sony SNC-VB770

The multinational Sony explains five reasons by which its range of cameras in network of Ultra high resolution (UHD - 4K) is the main option for a great variety of applications of video surveillance, monitoring and security.

1.- Quadruple the level of detail of the resolution Full HD: more pixels means greater level of detail. IP 4K cameras capture video ultra crisp with a high resolution of 3.840 × 2.160, more than eight million pixels. An advantage of this is, for example, When was watching the action in a street very busy, a shopping mall or a factory production line and that, Thanks to the cameras 4 K, is possible visualize the details more small of the registration of a vehicle, a face in the crowd or an object.

Sony SNC-VB7702.- Optimal sensitivity: the type Exmor R CMOS image sensor 1.0 model SNC-VM772R allows to capture the light of a more efficient way than with sensors that are used in other 4K cameras, Comparing the sensitivity of systems FHD, but with an incredible resolution of 20 megapixel.

The SNC-VB770 camera has sensitivity 4K to a new level. With full-frame Exmor sensor of 35 mm and the processing of signal digital, This device offers a sharp image in color, even in conditions of almost complete darkness, with less noise from the image that if affects other video surveillance cameras.

Sony-camera - 4 k3.- Less cameras and installing more simple: a single 4K device can cover one area four times larger than one standard HD, so to monitor large areas, as car parks, train, stadiums, etc.. fewer cameras are required and the installation is faster and cheaper, to which is added a reduction of operating costs (power consumption, maintenance...) during the cycle of life useful of the network of video surveillance.

Sony 4K4.- Integrating intelligent: Intelligent functions of Sony 4K cameras eliminate the need to update the entire system to enjoy the advantages of this resolution. The intelligent cropping feature offers an overview of the stage in FHD in a transmission, and up to four native streams cut with dynamic tracking to capture details in full resolution without losing the overview. It's like having a PTZ system intelligent functions and a camera fixed on the same device.

5.- Tracking, detection and encoding: the cameras 4 K of this manufacturer incorporate also the functions of monitoring intelligent, detection of movement avanzaday coding Smart for capturing certain areas of interest with the maximum detail, and, both, reduce the speed of bit in the other areas of the scene for save width of band and costs of storage.

Sony - 4 k-vs

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By • 26 Oct, 2016
• Section: Services, CCTV