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The company has presented in the recent competition at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas this innovative solution for management and analysis of multimedia files, capable of processing many sources to locate people, voices or vehicle registration, inter alia.

EverisVideoma solution for Security of everis aerospace and defense It is a powerful management software and multimedia website that allows you to track information easily in large audiovisual files, including the location of faces, voices or vehicle registration of vehicles, the company has presented in ISC West 2016, held a week ago in Las Vegas.

The development of this software is to respond to the growing need for bodies and security forces, agencies of intelligence and large companies to improve the management of the vast amounts of information with which they work daily. Videoma for Security processes, It analyzes and organizes automatically all the audiovisual content to help organizations find what they are looking for, improving also its internal performance.

This solution combines a powerful engine management of multimedia data with innovative search and recognition systems. Videoma software for Security is able to import large volumes of audiovisual all kinds of sources of information, as television, radio, security cameras, social networks and other internet pages. On this information applies different trackers, including biometric identifiers of rostros y voces, acoustic fingerprint or license plate, along with other features like the transcription of the audio. Once processed all the data, application indexes automatically for your query results.

Herta Security biometria Everis

It is a flexible tool that can be adapted to the needs of each client. In this sense, It can also incorporate tracking modules developed by third parties, integrate systems of web crawling or bind Big Data analysis platforms.

Videoma for Security is the result of joint work of everis aerospace and defence and two of their portfolio companies: ISID, specializing in mass processing and management of multimedia information, and Herta Security, leading brand in the field of biometric identification.

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By • 13 Apr, 2016
• Section: Detection, Equipment test, Events, Computer Security, Services