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For next school year 2014-2015, Polytechnic University of Madrid impart, by a consortium of public and private companies formed by Inteco, Everis and Cisco, a master that will focus on creating systems that ensure the safety and protection software.

UPM-top technique of computer engineers

The Polytechnic University of Madrid (TPl), next to Inteco, Everis and Cisco, be offered from next year 2014-2015 Masters in Management Assurance, Software protection and defense, operations and systems, which organized the School of Computer Engineering (Old School of Computing). The program has the authorization and under the Emergency Response Team Computer (CERT) the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

The Masters, responding to the growing demand for qualified professionals to address the risks that affect the safety and operation of computer applications, arises with respect to a differential vocation training there in the market today. The course builds on computer security deal proactively. Namely, instead of generating knowledge to know how to react to a computer attack, is based on train students to build secure systems against hacks.

The program will focus on the use of technologies and processes to ensure, within the required level of confidence, systems software and services work as intended and are free from accidental or intentional vulnerabilities, in addition to providing appropriate security capabilities so as to threats and intrusions failover.

Mastered fits into the activities of the University-Industry Chair of the entitled UPM “Software Process Improvement in the Ibero-American” (Chair MPSEI) and its organization and implementation Everis and Cisco companies involved, and the CCN-CNI Inteco and agencies.

University SpanishParticipation of manufacturers

Cisco will collaborate in the definition of the modules and the content of the master, also facilitate the use of their laboratories to impart lessons on specific methods of attack, threat analysis and planning of authentication and access control.

"The sophistication of the tactics used by cyber-criminals is outpacing the ability of IT departments to respond to threats. Thanks to this pioneering masters, security professionals can learn how to protect software systems proactive rather than reactive ", explains Ignasi Errando, Cisco technical director of Spain.

For his part, EVERIS participates in the development of the master from his Aerospace Division, Defense and Security which will focus on the theme on countermeasures to the attack methods and business continuity plans; and from the Division of Technology providing coverage to secure systems against attacks.

"It is especially noteworthy that in Spain we made the first master security software outside the United States, thank the consortium formed by a public university and several public and private companies, which highlight the need for society to generate greater security in ICT ", Ricardo says Penalva, of socio Everis.

For the National Institute of Communication Technologies (Inteco), reference center in the Ministry of Industry Cybersecurity, Energy and Tourism, "Mastered fills a need in the professional field of secure software development, and commitment to partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to boost the labor market to international cybersecurity, one of the objectives included in the Plan Trust in the Digital field, approved in June 2013 by the Government ".

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By • 8 May, 2014
• Section: Training, Intrusion, Computer Security