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Both companies have signed a distribution agreement that will allow Casmar Electronics expand its range of electronic security solutions with facial recognition systems in real time via IP cameras Herta Security.

Herta-Security-BioSurveillance Casmar

The biometrics, facial Herta Security will add to the security proposal that markets Casmar Electronics in the Spanish market. With headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid and London, this manufacturer has become an international benchmark for identifying crowds in real time via IP cameras for video surveillance applications in large enclosures, access control and marketing in banking, casinos sports and public events, transportation, etc..

Herta SecuritySpecifically, biosurveillance video surveillance solution Herta Security integrates advanced face recognition technology developed by the Spanish company to detect multiple faces in real time, help manage users anytime and even allows training using video capture (on-the-fly)

Face recognition is one of the least invasive biometry, since data collection is simple and, and general, does not require user interaction, so it is one of the most used in casinos, betting shops and arcades to instantly identify minors or players who have restricted access, with optimum performance even at partial concealment of the face, Goggles, pañuelos the caps, changes in facial expression or adverse lighting conditions.

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By • 16 Feb, 2015
• Section: Access control, Detection, Business