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This innovative software "will mark a significant change in the field of human behavior study and facial expression", point from the company.

Herta BioObserver

BioObserver's new video analytics solution Herta just introduced globally is sophisticated software that, as they point out from the company, "will mark a significant change in the field of human behavior study and facial expression analysis".

Based on advanced artificial intelligence techniques (The), BioObserver automatically detects and annotates a person's facial expressions and microexpressions, as well as the direction of the look and the orientation of the head, to monitor behavioral metrics, affective states or the individual's level of care.

This advanced solution also allows you to configure automatic rules and event annotations to extract keyframes from the video that are considered of interest.

With BioObserver it is possible to detect subtle microexpressions, like frowning, blink or raise your eyebrows, according to Paul Ekman's Facial Action Coding System.

The combination of some microexpressions can form a top-level prototypical facial emotion, as joy, wrath, Sadness, Fear, Surprise, Etc. which can also be configured in the software.

BioObserver has been created in conjunction with behavioral analysis specialists in the police sector, the result of which is an easy-to-use tool, intuitive and time-saving any interviewer or behavioral analysis expert. This solution is offered as a service (Saas) and the customer has the ability to process hours of video extremely quickly and at a very affordable cost.

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By • 20 Jan, 2021
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