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The manufacturer of comprehensive IP video security solutions, IndigoVision, has developed a new surveillance keyboard that makes it easier to control the cameras, the switch between live streams and recorded images and incident responses.

IndigoVision has begun to market a new surveillance keyboard that makes it easier to control cameras and faster switch between live streams and recorded images. This new keyboard benefits operators with an intuitive interface and video playback features that facilitate faster response to incidents.

For an operator, a keyboard that offers quick response, reliability and ease of use makes the difference between a good safety system and an excellent quality system, besides that it can be crucial when responding quickly to incidents. The new keyboard design is geared towards perfect operation in conjunction with IndigoVision's complete IP video security solution. With the keyboard, the user can play back the recording of an incident and reproject live streams immediately. This feature eliminates the need to switch systems to use a computer's controls when you want to review a recording.

Thanks to a modern and effective design that incorporates an LCD screen, IndigoVision keyboard ensures full control and interactive monitoring. Through simple command setup and an interactive display, Camera selection is an easy task and offers immediate response and choice of display panel, while the joystick ensures accuracy for controlling PTZ cameras (Sweep, inclination and rapprochement).

The keyboard offers greater functionality, including video playback support for the latest version 5 SMS4TM, and is designed to integrate traditional controls of analog CCTV camera arrays. The interface is simple and allows operators to move from a similar monitoring system to one over IP quickly.

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By • 14 Jun, 2012
• Section: Computer security