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In this pilot experience, It includes an adjustable lighting system and control of influx of people and surveillance mechanisms, are Bosch, Telefónica, Cisco and Ferrovial.

Smart city Semana Santa Seville

The Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, through the delegations of economy, Trade and institutional relations and security, Mobility and festivals, as well as in the Area of technological modernization, He has driven a Smart City project, will it be launched at Easter, that includes a special adjustable lighting system and control of influx of people, among other measures.

"We have chosen one of the main events of the city and where the greatest concentration of public occurs, Holy week, in order that this experience serve to reinforce security both the audience and the brotherhoods, and with the intention of testing this project pioneer in the processing of data and the coordinated management of the city which can be used in other major events", explains John swords, Mayor of Seville.

This pilot experience arises from the public-private partnership with four companies linked to innovation: Bosch, Telefónica, Cisco and Ferrovial. "Four companies of first level linked to innovation that will develop this pilot project of Smart City coordinated by the Town Hall in Seville and in which each of them has put technology at the service of the city", says swords.

The project includes the development of a special dimmable lighting system, as well as mechanisms for control of influx of people, coordinated through a digital platform in eleven areas for priority action. These areas are: the Plaza de San Francisco, the street Dos de Mayo, Avenida de la Constitución, the Plaza of the fishing, the Cuesta del Rosario, the Plaza de el Salvador, Wedge, Bridge and Pellón, Campaign, O´Donnell, Paul and Villegas-Francos.

The pilot project includes a Smart platform that integrates each of the elements of the device in order to process the information and take the necessary decisions at each time.

The infrastructure is composed by 18 cameras for the aforamiento of the thoroughfare and the recording of images for analysis and detection of objectives (all authorised and signposted), 173 lighting type Led in whose graduation may intervene on grounds of public order or transit of the brotherhoods by certain considered streets of historical tradition, and, finally, also included are telecommunications to connect each one of the devices with the Smart platform.

This technology will allow you to monitor in real time each one of the areas to coordinate with a digital platform cameras and lighting, implement a system of lighting which can be modified in intensity and color temperature, and replace led luminaires in the intervention areas.

City smart platform

The development of this project, each company has provided a number of tools. So, Cisco has provided the platform of intelligent city, that, via the Internet of things technologies, It will allow real time and through a visual control panel check the information of all monitored services, including counting and detection cameras, those of ultra high resolution video surveillance.

He has also participated in public lighting, that through a network of communications may be modified, in intensity and color temperature, to adapt to different situations. This information will be consolidated on the screens of the control center where, on a city map, It may be consulted by the different municipal services.

CCTV, lighting and connection

For his part, Bosch cameras allow viewing of images and the same recording, and they incorporate artificial intelligence to provide live information related to the influx of people or vehicles by different accesses, the degree of occupation of streets or squares, the detection of lumps or other possible incidents such as people running, vehicles driven at a certain speed or counterclockwise.

With respect to the luminaires by Ferrovial, Note that they are intended, the use of the public lighting as a security for large concentrations of people that might result in a breach of the peace, boosting your intensity and collaborating on the identification of the causes of this disorder and the transmission of tranquillity to the population.

Last, Telefónica will provide connection to fiber of each one of the devices providing a safety net for the whole system, What demonstrates the high quality of its infrastructure in the city of Seville for the development of Smart City project.

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By • 7 Sea, 2018
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