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The eight new IP cameras for video surveillance in HD incorporate Samsung Techwin DSP WISENET III chipset developed by the company, offering innovative features and demands by installers and users.

Samsung Techwin cameras with WisiNetThe multinational Samsung Techwin has responded to the demand for installers and users with the development of DSP chipset WISENET III, now installed in its eight new high-definition IP cameras, for this technology to automatically become the preferred choice when a new video surveillance system is specified or when an existing one is updated, because it offers new features demanded by installers and users.

Samsung Techwin WisiNetThanks to this technology, new Samsung Techwin IP cameras offer innovative features like face detection, both frontally and in profile; or areas of the same scene cut (multi-cropping), that optimizes the use of network bandwidth, as the cut scene only areas of interest to the user is displayed.

Another of the most innovative technological features P-Iris is, providing greater depth of field, contrast and clarity, and better control of the iris.

Advanced Motion Detection, with improved anti-noise system, for masking certain areas and 'ignore' those objects that do not meet the size specified by the client, for example, objects smaller than a cat or a larger truck, and the fog feature, for more clear images in heavy rain, Niebla of humor, are other innovations.

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By • 16 Oct, 2013
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