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Pelco, compañía de Schneider Electric especializada en el diseño, development and manufacture of video security systems, has expanded its portfolio of analog cameras with the new C20 range of box-type cameras, the new BU series of bullet cameras and the new FD family of compact domes.


Schneider Electric has presented the update of the offer of its security cameras of Pelco by Schneider Electric. In this way, users can now choose from a full selection of fixed mini-domes and bullet cameras with infrared option, as well as a new series of high-resolution box cameras with day/night performance and extended dynamic range, so they are indicated to protect a wide range of spaces both indoor and outdoor.

The C10 series has been replaced by the new C20, updating its offer of box cameras. But the C20 series represents much more than just an upgrade.. With 650 TV lines, the new series offers analog cameras with higher resolution, more equipped and affordable. These new cameras offer high resolution with color models, day/night, and day/night with WDR all of them with typically own features in more expensive video security systems.

The series includes the C20-CH model, a digital color camera designed to deliver superior image quality in a wide range of conditions by allowing software switching to black and white mode in case of low light conditions. Include automatic white balance for difficult lighting situations, digital sound reduction minimizes the noise level of the environment and provides clear image quality, in addition to backlight compensation that adjusts the image to prevent objects from being dark in the backlight.

For its part, The C20-DN is a digital day/night camera with a mechanical infrared filter that activates black and white or color modes as ambient light conditions change.. Like this, outstanding performance is obtained in all types of lighting, while in the case of the C20-DW model it is a day/night camera with WDR technology, which provides an extended dynamic range of 120 dB and produces high quality images in all kinds of lighting situations even those where there are strong backlights or glare.


New BU series of bullet cameras

The BU series of bullet cameras is defined by offering the highest analog resolution available in IR capabilities and by being built for fast installation, easy and get years of reliable performance. As main features of this range we can highlight: infrared illumination (zero lux), vandal-free (impact resistant according to the IK10 standard) and built with video-analysis that includes private areas and motion detection (on BU5 and BU6 models). Within the range, The BU4 series is a high-resolution digital camera capable of delivering sharp images in lightless applications with supplemental infrared illumination with a range of 15 Meters.

For its part, the BU5 model is a very high definition digital camera (650 TV lines) able to deliver high quality images, even at night in unlit areas thanks to supplementary infrared illumination with a range of 25 Meters. It is a model indicated for outdoor surveillance, offering a minimum of one 0,1 lux illumination in color mode and using day/night technology for high performance in low light conditions.

in parallel, the BU6 series of very high resolution cameras (650 TV lines) are able to provide high quality images even at night with zero illumination with the infrared range of supplemental illumination 40 Meters. Has WDR technology (extended dynamic range), which allows you to have a high performance in extreme backlight conditions and, in case of low light, this new camera uses slow shutter digital technology to produce 0,03 lux of sensitivity and has digital zoom.

Backlight compensation adjusts the image to prevent glare, while white balance and noise reduction technologies work to maximize image quality and minimize noise levels for any outdoor application, being ideal for applications in harsh environments.

blankCompact mini-dome

The new FDs are compact dome cameras that incorporate multiple functions and high-resolution analog performance. Choose models with infrared illumination to capture sharp images in low light conditions or non-light conditions. Available in wall or ceiling version, these cameras are ideal for protecting a wide range of indoor areas as well as outdoor environments.

The FD1 series has two camera options and different lens options for a variety of indoor applications. With 540 TV lines with a fixed or varifocal lens, with day/night and color option, this model also has additional infrared lighting on certain models.

The FD2 is an indoor fixed minidome camera whose attractive dimensions, combined with its numerous features, ideal for most indoor applications. Among its benefits, there are also four camera options and a lens positioning system capable of offering a wide variety of travel and tilt angles..

The offer is completed with the FD5 series, offering three camera options and different lens options, plus a vandal-proof design, designed to withstand impacts according to the IK10 standard and ensure its operation in a temperature range between -30 degrees and 50 Degrees.

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By • 4 Dec, 2012
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