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Aimed at retail security, distributors and installers, Schneider Electric has developed the camera system IP PTZ Pelco Esprit SE High performance.

Pelco Esprit PTZ IS IPSchneider Electric, through its security division Pelco, has presented its new camera system IP PTZ Pelco Esprit SE, composed of models with standard optical assembly or pressurized integrated with zoom and vertical and horizontal positioning, with tilt range of 36 ° to -85.

Based on the positioning platform Esprit SE, This system offers connectivity to IP networks, dynamic privacy windows, Internal configurator times, electronic image stabilization, Autotracking and multilingual menu; features that were previously only available in the range of high speed domes.

This system, Safety targeting retailers, distributors and installers, has been developed for continuous use of system monitoring, H.264 compression formats, MPEG-4 y MJPEG, receiver multiprotocol Sarix H.264 encoder.

Pelco Esprit PTZ ISPelco Esprit SE IP also offers dynamic positioning remote is capable of operating in difficult weather conditions, even with winds up 145 Km/h, special protections to defrost and defog the lens if necessary and ensure the field of view.

Compatible with Onvif, the system is designed for minimal maintenance, no gears to adjust. Esteban Garcia Montoro, security product manager de Schneider Electric, noted that "Esprit SE IP responds to requests from our customers on this platform, and so we have equipped with IP protocol and our new ".

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By • 10 Apr, 2013
• Section: CCTV