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In order to respond to the requirements of this sustainable building located in Colombia, a wide variety of IP cameras have been implemented, P5414-E models, P3364-LV, M3004-V and P3384-V; milestone Systems VMS XProtect platform and Schneider Electric's Andover Continuum software.

BC Empresarial is an office building oriented towards large national and international corporations in Colombia, you have, Approximately, 12.000 square meters and 19 Floors. Receive daily 1.500 Visitors, between workers and floating audience, and has become the first Leed-certified building (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) on Colombia's Caribbean coast.

Since its inception, this building located in the town of Barranquilla (Colombia), was looking for a video surveillance system that would help not only provide building safety, but also that it was in line with the green concept of entrepreneurship.

blankConsidering the necessary scalability, ease of operation, Robustness, and running video searches in a synchronized and simultaneous way between cameras and an alarm manager, opted for a solution that combined IP cameras Axis Communications VMS XProtect platform Milestone Systems. Added to this was the implementation of a BMS system (Building Management System) controlled by automation software Andover Continuum Schneider Electric.

One of the great challenges of this project was to meet the customer's requirement for a sustainable system, to control energy savings and operational efficiency, to get certified. "The IP video surveillance system based on an open platform was designed for this building, scalable and easy to handle", explains Naisir Abdala, representative of AP Engineering, Axis partner.

When using PTZ cameras such as axis P5414-E, you need a single cable for powering and sending data, and the P3364-LV, whose long-lasting infrared LED ensures efficient energy consumption, BC Enterprise managed to obtain a video surveillance system compatible with its concept of sustainability.


Cameras are PVC-free, have low energy consumption (there are even models with built-in infrared so you don't have to install illuminators) And, using PoE power in the 60 installed cameras were able to directly connect the cameras to the switch via a single cable, to achieve more infrastructure savings. All Axis cameras are PoE (Power over Ethernet), simplifying installation and requiring less infrastructure.

blankAmong the equipment installed in the building are also located 24 P3364-LV cameras, that with infrared disabled consumes 5,9 W, and with IR enabled 30 range meters consumes 12.1W.

PTZ P5414-E dome cameras have also been used, whose innovative design allows the equipment to be installed directly without the need for a mounting arm and integrates with the environment.

The project includes other 29 ultra-compact cameras M3004-V, the size of the palm of the hand. In terms of energy consumption, peak consumption can reach 2.2W, el más bajo entre todas las cámaras de Axis.

Finally,, P3384-V, ideal for demanding lighting conditions, it doesn't have PVC either. Supports Lightfinder technology, which makes this camera extremely sensitive in low-light conditions, without requiring illuminators to generate color images at night.

With this infrastructure, systems have become the best ally of the building's operation, leaving everything duly registered and audited and thus to a greater perception of security for users.



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By • 26 Apr, 2017
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Video surveillance