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The manufacturer D-Link has just released to market a new security camera, DCS-2310L, designed for outdoor operation smoothly as it resists temperature changes, dust and rain, and can be controlled remotely from Android devices and iOS.

D-Link has added to its catalog a new outdoor camera integrated with cloud technology: DCS-2310L. It is a model designed to run outdoors, because it is resistant to inclement weather (rain, temperatures, powder), and indeed, is certified IP65.

It is the first camera that incorporates the functionality outside mydlink TMCloud, that allows users to manage their camera and fed to access live video from any computer connected to Internet, o smartphone tablet con iOS o Android. The DCS-2310L is based on technology PoE (Power over Ethernet), both for the power supply (optional), and transmitting data.

It has a fixed focus lens 3.45 mm and an aperture f / 2.0. The camera is high resolution, and uses 1MP CMOS sensor to deliver high quality video with 720p, and can take snapshots 1280 × 800 pixel resolution.

This model surveillance camera D-Link is able to capture images even in the dark thanks to its illuminated by infrared. The DCS-2310L camera has a storage system based on a microSDHC card for local recording on a removable card, as well as local storage and / or support in the event of a network failure. The camera is not recording continuously since it has an infrared motion detector that activates recording automatically when motion is detected.

The camera comes with the set-Zero Configuration D-Link, intelligently configuring cameras and automatically synchronized when connected to a router D-Link. Last, This monitoring device has a speaker and microphone so it can communicate with the outside through the camera.

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By • 28 Nov, 2012
• Section: General, CCTV