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By Demes, company specializing in the distribution of anti-intrusion security technologies, fire detection, access control and CCTV, has added to its catalog a new EVO HD application (iPad/Android Pad) and EVOPlus (iPhone/Android phone) for Airspace Colossus Evolution video vcrs, with the possibility of remote playback and Push Notification.

The distributor of electronic safety equipment, By Demes, announced the availability of the new EVO app, for remote viewing and management of Colossos Evolution video vcrs on Smartphones. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android (Phone and Pad) and allows you to view real-time images from DVR-connected cameras from anywhere at any time, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or 3G data connection on your smartphone mobile phone.

For iPhone the app is called EVOPlus and for iPad it's called EVOHD, and can be downloaded from the Apple Store (available from the 4 May). There is also a free Lite version with limited options. For its part, for Android Phone the app is called EVOPlus (Ⅴ. 2.1 going forward) and for Android Pad, EVOHD (Ⅴ. 3.0 going forward), and can be downloaded from Android Market (already available). There is also a free Lite version with limited options. The new app, that replaces the old DMSS, maintains a similar interface, Fixes existing bugs and has new features that will enhance the mobile remote access and management experience of Airspace Colossos Evolution video vcrs.

The 5 main functions of the previous application are maintained, with interesting improvements:
– Device Listing: Allows you to add different VCRs by simply indicating the IP address of the vcr, as well as edit the video vcrs already added.
– Favorite Devices folder: You can add the channels of the devices that you access most frequently for immediate viewing.
– Real-time viewing: To select any channel from any of the devices so that you can view the images in full screen or 4 channels on a single screen, with the possibility of connecting to several DVRs at the same time
– Local Settings: Adjusts the movement speed of PTZ cameras and password access to the app.

4 new features

blankAnd they are added 4 useful features: Playback, List of events, Setting up the secondary stream and receiving Push Notification alarms.

Playback allows you to view existing recordings of a particular VCR. You just have to select the time interval (Date / start time and date / final hour) of which we want to see the recordings, and the video recording channel we're interested in. The program will automatically search the hard drive of the remote DVR and we will be able to play it, having a time bar to go to the exact moment of recording we want.

The Secondary Stream Settings allows us to get the video streaming settings (Secondary stream, for remote viewing) of any of the VCRs we have discharged, and modify those parameters (Resolution, images x second, type of bit rate and quality). Thanks to this, you can adjust at all times and remotely, the video stream and adapt it to our bandwidth, to get better performance.

Push Notification Alarms

The Event Listing and Push Notification Alarm Reception are two new options that allow you to take advantage of the latest functionality added to Colossos Evolution video vcrs (see compatible models): Push Notification alarms. From now on, it is possible to configure the VCRs so that when an event occurs that we want to have instant notification (Alarm, videoensor, Etc), the VCR will send a Push-type alert to mobile devices that have this option enabled. These notifications are free, are received on iphone/ipad/android smartphones and are similar to warnings received by other apps like WhatsApp. They use the data network and the user receives them immediately on their smartphone or tablet even if they do not have the program active.

In the Event List you can access all the notifications received. And in Push Notification Settings, you can turn this option on and off, on all the VCRs we've en discharged, we can select which channels and what types of alarm (videoensor, alarm input, Etc.) we will receive on our smartphone.

This option is only available after the latest firmware update of the VCRs. If you want to use Push notifications on older VCRs, consult our technical department, because an incorrect firmware update can cause the computer to malfunction.

In short, the new smartphone remote access app, demonstrates why Airspace's Colossos Evolution DVRs are the best-selling recorders on the market. If so far, these vcrs were characterized by a powerful and simple local menu, and for complete PC software, from now on we can also say that they are the recorders with the best remote access by mobile device on the market.

All downloaded EVO programs have access to our test DVR so you can easily demonstrate to your customers.

The MODELS of DVRs for which the Push Notification function can be available today, are as follows: SAM-1580, SAM-1581, SAM-1582, SAM-1583, SAM-1584, SAM-1585, SAM-1698 and SAM-1579. And in preparation: SAM-1330, SAM-1527, SAM-1528, SAM-1596, SAM-1597 and SAM-1595.

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By • 30 Apr, 2012
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