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The English East Midlands airport, located in Castle Donington, Noroeste of the Leicestershire, between the cities of Derby, Leicester y Nottingham, has incorporated comprehensive surveillance system with IndigoVision IP Video, ensuring more detailed analysis and greater storage capacity surveillance recordings.

The integrated video surveillance system for IP IndigoVision was recently installed at the airport East Midlands (UK), which favors more detailed analysis and business operations with greater capacity
storage of surveillance recordings. East Midlands Airport is a major hub for the movement of people, serves as connecting more than 90 destinations and facilities are used by over four million passengers annually. Also, is the main link in the UK for the transport of goods and houses
aircraft operators industry leaders, as DHL, TNT, UPS y Royal Mail.

Through joint efforts with regional partner P&G Electrical, IndigoVision advantage of the existing infrastructure and cameras, adding new HD cameras: 195 fixed and 18 with scan function, tilt and zoom (PTZ). This installation includes analog and IP cameras that work together with network video recorders (NVR) the IndigoVision. The open and distributed system architecture IndigoVision IP Video guarantees ideal migration from circuit cameras closed platform (CCTV) existing, as well as integration with other security systems.

IndigoVision's technology includes advanced compression functions that maintain the use of the storage space at low levels, without affecting compliance with regulatory requirements making it mandatory conservation recordings. For his part, the export of these recordings for analysis has also been simplified with this system.

Open and distributed architecture

All cameras at the airport are now equipped with technology IndigoVision frame rate per second controlled by the activity (ACF). This function controls the frame rate of the video stream from the camera depending on the amount of motion in the scene. With three manned stations Control Center Software, is guaranteed surveillance from various sectors, as parking, security operations centers and airport area control service. Besides its simple and intuitive interface, Control Center provides features that users have commented very positively, as the saved cameras, the patrols and response to alarm signals.

John Doherty, Director General of Security East Midlands Airport, commented: "IndigoVision's solution allowed us to use new technology to streamline operations monitoring and analysis
video recordings on site. In a large organization covering various sectors that require comprehensive monitoring, This video surveillance system IP has ensured an easy solution
use that meets our security requirements ".

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By • 12 Apr, 2012
• Section: General