Panasonic will be present at Broadcast IT 2011 with numerous solutions at the Crambo and Canon stands.

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In the space of Crambo, we can see the multipurpose range Panasonic formed by the compact camera AW-HE50SE (with genlock and HD/SD-SDI outputs, is intended for production applications in sports, realities, entertainment and multi-camera video communication systems) and the 2/3'' camera AW-HE870 (2/3 HD robotics″ CCD) with the AW-PH405 pan/til motor.

Also on display will be the new all-in-one AW-HE120 with IP control and image sensor 3 MOS, guy 1/3, FULL-HD U.L.T. Allows stable captures with high levels of sensitivity, S/N ratio and resolution and thanks to camera control with Easy IP connection, allows you to capture multi-angle with Pan&High-ranking tilt. All these cameras can be remoted using the compact AW-RP50 controller. blank

As for camcorders, Crambo to Exhibit AJ-HPX3100 Camera. Based on a 3CCD system, 2.2MPX sensor and AVC-Intra codec, weighs less than 4 kilos of weight and consumes up to one 23% less than other cameras 2/3 3CCD. The camera offers multi-format recording possibilities, in HD and SD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV recording. The codec 100 AVC-Intra records high-quality images, using 10bit/4 sampling:2:2 which includes an audio of 24 high quality bit, while recording in AVC-intra mode. It will also offer a Chromatic Aberration Compensation feature. (CAC) to compensate for variations in lenses and dynamic range stretch function (DRS), that allows you to suppress shadows and reflections. The AJ-HPX3100 will be exhibited next to the AJ-WM30 WiFi module with which to transmit data from the camera to PCs and mobile devices, such as iPad or iPhone, and vice versa.

As for handheld camcorders, highlights include the AG-HPX250 AND AG-AC160. Panasonic's new AG-HPX250 P2 HD handheld camcorder integrates AVC-Intra codec with sampling 4:2:2 To 10 bits and 21x optical zoom with three control rings. With a weight of 2,5 Kg, The HPX250 incorporates three high-sensitivity 1/3" MOS sensors, with Full-HD resolution of 2.2 megapixels and a digital signal processor of 20 bits to natively record images with a resolution 1920 X 1080. The three rings of your lens allow independent focus control, zoom and iris.

With respect to the AG-AC160 is a high-end AVCAM HD camcorder that includes high production features such as 1080p recording with variable frame rate, Linear PCM audio, HD-SDI output, and switching between 59.94Hz/50Hz. Features three high-sensitivity 1/3" MOS sensors, with Full-HD resolution and 2.2 megapixels to record images natively with a resolution 1920 X 1080. Offers two SD card slots for extended recording or simultaneous security recording, support for high-capacity SDXC cards, Improved LCD viewfinder and monitor and the ability to record to DV in standard definition.

As far as monitors are concerned, we will see the new LCD low cost BT-L1500 of 15.4″ and the BT-L2150 of 21.5″. For stereoscopic production, Panasonic has solutions for all types of applications from the compact Z10000 to the advanced AG-3DA1 and AG-3DP1 (shoulder). On 3D monitor, the BT-3DL2550 stands out. blank


The new AK-HC3500 studio camera, premiere on Broadcast

At the stand of Canon the new AK-HC3500 studio camera will be exhibited together with the new XJ22 Box Type optics. Built for live streaming applications, the new CAMERA AK-HC3500, comes to return Panasonic to the forefront in terms of studio capture. The new proposal is equipped with exclusive image processing and the highest quality color reproduction functions in 1080/59.94iy 1080/50i image acquisition. With the first time with direct fiber output, the high performance of this camera is due to three 2/3" IT-CCDs that offer 2.2-megapixels with an advanced single-channel transfer system, 14-bit converter AD, an advanced 38-bit digital signal LSI processor and exceptionally sensitive processing spatial offset. Its digital signal processor also features a dynamic range extension (DRS) which ensures detailed function, high quality images, even when filming scenes takes place in a high-contrast environment.

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By • 19 Oct, 2011
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