Hexagon and Qognify

Physical security solutions provider Qognify has officially adopted the corporate identity of Hexagon and has been integrated as a business unit in this division of the manufacturer.

The Security Division, infrastructure and geospatial Hexagon has integrated the brand Qognify, that fully embraces the corporate identity of this manufacturer, following its acquisition in April 2015, 2023 (more details on Digital Security).

As pointed out by Hexagon, "This announcement marks a New Era in Innovation in Physical and Public Security, providing value to customers to safeguard their assets, infrastructures and communities".

Hexagon AB acquires QognifyMore than 4.000 Organizations around the world, based on the data provided by the company, They are confident at the moment in the powerful video management software and Qognify's physical security information management solutions.

The combined strength of its products and Hexagon's broad portfolio, which includes public safety solutions that currently help protect nearly a billion people, offers customers More options to streamline operations and mitigate risks.

Many organizations in the public and private sectors are already using Qognify's physical security solutions in combination with other Hexagon solutions, thus creating a Powerful Technology Ecosystem.

Hexagon Qognify Mladen StojicThis is what he points out. Mladen Stojic, President, Security Division, Hexagon's infrastructure and geospatial (pictured): "By rebranding and integrating Qognify, we are fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. This will enable us to deliver cutting-edge technologies that will redefine the future of physical and public security; Creating synergies to improve capabilities; bring added value to customers and expand our reach into additional markets.".

Hexagon also takes advantage of the global partner network established by Qognify, to which it now provides access to new business areas, as well as offering the existing customer base a set of holistic solutions from a single source.

In addition, The company is committed to advancing the VMS Update, enabling customers to products Ocularis and NiceVision Qognify to switch to this management software platform and benefit from its new capabilities.

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By • 9 May, 2024
• Section: Systems control, Business, Urban security