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For the project of the new plant Delta Electronics in Taiwan more than 150 Smart IP surveillance cameras from Vivotek, centrally controlled with the Vast IP video management platform 2.

As part of its vertical markets business strategy, Delta Electronics recently opened a new plant in Chungli (Taiwan), whose IP surveillance system is based on network cameras centrally managed by an online image control system and processed with analysis software with AI technology Vivotek.

This integrated solution allows instant alerts to be issued in the plant, while providing real-time images of specific areas for operators to deliver a quick and efficient response that ensures a safer workplace.

Vivotek has designed a solution of intelligent IP surveillance customized for Chungli plant targeting six main areas: production line, The areas of logistics and storage, Exterior façade, access points and management center.

Vivotek Delta ElectronicsFor the project, more than 150 Cameras intelligent IP surveillance, of which about a hundred are domes for interior of the model FD8166A-N and about fifty are bullet models IB9367-H, IB9367-HT E IB9367-EHT-v2 and devices IB9387-LPR.

In addition, The IP Vast video management 2 to integrate the LPR solution, Cybersecurity, as well as the VCA and intelligent search system of Vivotek, thus achieving complete digital transmission and system integration into plant management.

The Centralized control of cameras with an image management system facilitates instant alerts in various situations, including fires, equipment anomalies, objects left in the operating room, intrusions and breaches at the perimeter.

This solution can also be linked to access control systems or others to strengthen plant security., achieve LPR or effectively manage access and schedules. Images can be relayed to the management center to identify and manage key data for decision-making or to improve operational efficiency.

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By • 10 Oct, 2022
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, Detection, Infrastructure, Video surveillance