Axis DS Graphics Universal Wilde

An integrated solution of surveillance equipment and access control of Axis Communications offers security and protection to this American company.

DS Graphics | Universal Wilde (DSG | Uw) is a full-service communication company that produces and distributes information, print and electronics, for corporations and government entities, from financial reports and insurance policies to college entrance exams, subpoenas, Etc. containing personal data and sensitive content.

Axis DS Graphics Universal WildeAfter centralizing its Westwood and Rockland plants (United States) in a new building of almost 3.000 m2 in Canton (Massachusetts), the company decided to install a more effective security system than the one it had deployed in the two oldest properties..

"We were looking for a more complete solution, that will integrate video surveillance with access control and alarms," he explains. Kevin Molloy, Vp. DS Graphics IT and Customer Services Executive | Universal Wilde.

Axis DS Graphics Universal WildeOne of the requirements is that the camera coverage be greater in the critical areas of the installation, as loading docks, machinery operating areas, material handling and storage.

In addition, the door control system was to provide a detailed record of users, in order to comply with audits of system and organization controls (Soc) what your customers demand.

Axis DS Graphics Universal WildeCross Camera Controls, integrated solution provider and partner of Axis, installed an integrated access control and surveillance solution that includes the video management system Camera Station of this manufacturer and more than twenty fixed and panoramic dome cameras.

This comprehensive Solution from Axis is completed with its Intercoms with network video; door controllers with RFID readers combined with Camera Station Secure Entry to verify the credentials of employees and their speakers for alerts and public address system to amplify doorbells.

Axis DS Graphics Universal WildeSystem enables DSG security personnel | UW supervisar the perimeter of the building and the interior areas, restrict access to authorized personnel, monitor visitors and receive alerts on specific events. It also stores a full year of user logs for SOC compliance audits.

DSG | UW has a low number of cameras, maintaining your coverage requirement, thanks to the installation of Axis panoramic devices. Door sensors help the company protect material on sensitive paper from environmental damage, by quickly alerting about half-open doors in air-conditioned areas of the building.

Kevin Molloy points out several advantages in the implementation of Axis technology: "Axis 180º and 360º cameras not only provide us with sharp images, but they also allow us to reduce the number of devices without sacrificing coverage, and that means a lot to us".

Axis DS Graphics Universal Wilde

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By • 15 Sep, 2022
• Section: Alarms, Case studies, Access control, Systems control, Detection, Evacuation, Intrusion, Video surveillance