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Hikvision ColorVu

Since the introduction of the first generation of ColorVu cameras in 2018, Hikvision has not stopped researching and developing new devices and functionalities, with color accuracy as a crucial element, as Neo explains, Channel Sales Director.

Neo, Channel Sales Director HikvisionColorVu technology has been valued in different forums as a perfect security solution for many scenarios, what is its true differential?

ColorVU is the result of Hikvision's work in research and development and in the search for new solutions that respond to the needs of our customers. ColorVu technology allows color images to be obtained in any lighting condition, something fundamental for security systems.

To what extent is color fundamental??

Color-related information is crucial in many scenarios and greatly facilitates the analysis of the images obtained..

Until now, when we used a conventional camera with infrared light for night monitoring, people, vehicles or any other important items could be blurred or confused with the background, and that prevents you from identifying many details. In security systems, knowing the details is essential when it comes to detecting incidents or even anticipating them.

But in the market there are already security cameras with color images, what does this new technology from Hikvision bring??

Chiefly, there are two major advances that take our customers' security to the next level: on the one hand, ColorVu technology allows cameras to produce videos with vivid color reproduction, precise and with maximum clarity and, on the other hand, that image quality is also achieved in low-light environments. When we talk about security, many incidents occur at night, so a team that works perfectly in dark conditions is a differential element.

Could you specify how ColorVu cameras deliver those performances??

As I said before, ColorVu is the result of many R&D efforts, of Hikvision's commitment to cutting-edge technology. These cameras have an advanced sensor that greatly improves the use of available light, an F1.0 super aperture that in turn collects more light to deliver brighter images, and additional soft light to ensure vividly colored images in extremely dark environments.

If to the possibility of receiving full-color images in any light condition we add the ability to distinguish between real threats and false alarms, the result is optimal.

What are the main components of Hikvision ColorVu?

Multiple ColorVu cameras incorporate Acusense smart technology, also owned by Hikvision. This is Artificial Intelligence (The) based on algorithms of deep learning (deep learning) that allows you to recognize different types of moving objects.

Our cameras distinguish a person or vehicle from other moving objects that can trigger an alarm, like animals, branches that move the wind, Rain… In this way, we manage to minimize the number of false alarms and optimize the activity of our clients' security systems.

That capability of the equipment also allows intelligent searches in the material recorded by the cameras, making event verification processes easier, in addition to reducing and speeding up the time of searches.

In the R&D carried out by Hikvision with ColorVur, What advanced elements can cameras incorporate??

We can incorporate a strobe light and customizable audio alarms, so that when an intruder is detected the device emits light and sound, generating an obvious deterrent effect. When the intruder realizes that it has been detected, there is a good chance that you will run away and not perpetrate the theft or sabotage you had in mind.

With all this, Which application scenario is the most suitable to get the most out of ColorVu cameras??

It would be impossible to stay with a single application scenario for this technology.. Thanks to its versatility it is ideal for many environments. For example, for small businesses and even residential, owners can know what is going on at all times in their properties, wherever they are, via the Hik-Connect app.

In these environments, darkness was associated with potential dangers in corridors, Patios, Tickets,… ColorVu has managed to overcome that hurdle and provide unparalleled surveillance..

And from there, we can talk about many other scenarios: car parks where darkness is no longer a problem for identifying threats; open spaces where 4K resolution allows us to cover great distances with overwhelming image quality; enclosures that need perimeter protection at any time of the day or night,...

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