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As contract recipients, will be responsible for supplying, implement and maintain the multi-service network and video surveillance system of these transport lines, who are part of Grand Paris Express.

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The project includes the construction of an automatic metro around Paris to avoid passing through the center of the French capital. The contract awarded to Atos, Axione And Siemens amounts to 153 millions of euros, corresponding to three of the four future lines of the Paris Metro (15, 16 And 17). These lines are part of Grand Paris Express, Europe's largest urban transport project, and the contract will be extended until its construction is complete.

Specifically,, the new automatic subway lines (underground and surface area), who will travel 129 Km away and will have 49 Stations, will serve not only commercial and residential districts and airports, but also to numerous local services.

These transport lines will help create a new dynamic by increasing economic and social opportunities in the Paris region and beyond.

For this ambitious project, Atos, Axione and Siemens to bring together their industrial and technological design expertise, construction, implementation and deployment of network infrastructures, data centers and intrusion access control and detection technologies.

They will also manage the telephony, air quality control and intelligent video surveillance solutions, in addition to ensuring the digital security of all systems.

"We are especially proud to build the infrastructure of these future subway lines by bringing together our knowledge of integration and experience in data centers, telephony and cybersecurity. The Atos teams, in collaboration with local SMEs, are delighted to put all their experience at the service of citizens and thus support the development of the region", guillaume Beuscart said, Svp, global retail director, Transport and logistics of Atos.

In this line, Eric Jammaron, Deputy CEO of Axione, stresses "the pride of contributing to this great project by deploying a multi-service network infrastructure, cornerstone of the interconnection of all the technological systems of the Grand Paris Express metro".

Axione equipment has designed a "secure" network architecture, innovative and scalable that meets the expectations of passenger transport and is open to further developments," he adds,. A project of this size requires rigour, long-term commitment and multidisciplinary experience, values that are in our DNA".

For Doris Birkhofer, CEO of Siemens Smart Infrastructure in France, "creating intelligent infrastructures at the service of human and property security is the 'reason for being' of our high value-added solutions".

As part of the Grand Paris Express project, "Siemens Smart Infrastructure teams mobilize their expertise as integrators and their recognized knowledge to design and develop specific and innovative technologies: access control, intrusion detection and even intelligent image analysis to detect suspicious events", Ensures.

All three companies are committed to supporting the Société du Grand Paris for the entire duration of the contract, with this proactive environmental approach, to develop a modern and reliable public transport network.

This project shows how the experience of the three companies could also be used for the benefit of other local ecosystems, as in mobility services, decarbonization or urban planning policies.

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By • 23 Feb, 2021
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