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With the Mobotix platform 7 and the M73 camera offers apps from the manufacturer and technology partners with features such as facial recognition, tuition, old, climate or sex, in addition to specialized and tailor-made solutions.


MOBOTIX takes the next big step in the field of 'Beyond Human Vision' smart video technology with the launch of the solutions platform 7 and the IoT M73 camera based on it.

Thanks to its new range of functions and application solutions based on deep learning, its latest generation of camcorders opens a new field of application that goes far beyond classic video surveillance tasks.

Since its launch, the M73 camera has more than 15 apps built into your software, that can be used to optimize business processes in almost all sectors.

Partner Society, the cooperation platform of the company and its technology and solution partners, encourages the active development of new apps for Mobotix cameras 7.

With the combination of image and environmental sensors, as well as with artificial intelligence-based analysis, industrial companies can increase their production efficiency and improve preventive maintenance measures or fire protection.

As for the uses in transport, integrated facial recognition, traffic control and object identification enable immediate information to improve road safety for drivers, passengers and traffic in general.

M73 IoT camera

The new IoT M73 camera features high-performance processor technology, meets the highest standards such as 4K resolution at a frame rate of 30 fps or 120 WDR dB.

With consumption of less than 25 In (PoE ), the M73s make up a complete video system with 8 GB-DVR as standard that does not require any additional server or storage device.

The example mentioned makes it clear: for MOBOTIX, intelligent video surveillance is much more than camera recordings and analysis. Together with strategically selected partners, the company will develop many other solutions based on artificial intelligence, que prevendrán sobre sucesos y permitirán la introducción de contramedidas para la protección del medioambiente, los edificios, las instalaciones, las personas y los animales justo a tiempo.

“With Mobotix 7 presentamos una de las mejores plataformas IoT para apps que cumple los requisitos del mercado en diferentes sectores, como el transporte, el comercio minorista, la industria y el sector público, además de la protección contra incendios”, afirma Thomas Lausten, director ejecutivo de Mobotix.

Con la Mobotix 7 y la cámara M73, se ponen a disposición apps del fabricante y de partners tecnológicos con funciones como el reconocimiento facial, tuition, old, climate or sex, además de soluciones especializadas y a medida para clientes.

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By • 21 Nov, 2019
• Section: Detection, CCTV