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The processing unit alarm basic dual channel and single area and double are some of the proposals of this mark detection, now available in the Spanish market.fiber sensys optex prodextec bunker security

Fiber SenSys, belonging to Optex group, It is one of the brands of reference in the protection of fences and fiber optic data networks (FO), It sells ProdexTec, brand launched by Bunker electronic security in Spain and Portugal of solutions for professionals perimeter detection systems.

The processing of alarm unit (APU) FD-322 of basic dual-channel for the protection of fences is one of their featured products. Dispone de un cable de detección de fibra óptica resistente a las interferencias electromagnéticas y a la corrosión.

fiber sensys fd322 prodextecTurn, This unit features multiple configuration parameters and is specially designed for application in industrial environments, commercial, commercial and intrinsically safe environments and burst resistant.

This Fiber SenSys detection system has gotten the CPNI certificate (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) in United Kingdom.

In its extensive catalog also emphasizes processing of FD-331 alarm units, single zone, and FD-332, dual zone, they are an efficient solution in high security applications in in fences, walls and buried with multiple configuration parameters.

fiber sensys fd322 prodextec

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