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At Intersec 2019, Optex introduced its new firmware for the Redscan laser sensor, as well as additional solutions from its range of outdoor detectors.

Optex Redscan Mini RLS 2020

Optex infrared barriersIntersect 2019, dubai's international security fair, just closed its doors. This event has been attended Optex to introduce your new firmware for your Redscan laser sensor, family flagship along with the Redscan Mini; in addition to additional solutions from its range of outdoor detectors.

Following the success of projects in the area in recent years, the company reinforces the presence of its range of four-beam infrared barriers and dual-modulation Smart Line such as SL-200QDP models, SL-350QDP and SL-650QDP, or its versions for mounting on the infrared columns of Bunker Security SL-200QDP-BT, SL-350QDP-BT and SL-650QDP-BT.

Optex has in lberia numerous collaborators and technology partners where to distribute its products, systems and solutions. Among them is ProdexTec spain and Bunker Security in Portugal.

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By • 23 Jan, 2019
• Section: Detection, Events, Intrusion