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Located in a strategic location, the container terminal has an advanced security platform 24/7 to protect the thousands of people and goods that pass daily through this installation.

Port of damietta Scati

The port of Damietta, located in a strategic location in Egypt and one of the oldest in the world, It handles more than half of this country's foreign trade and is one of the three most important in terms of movement of goods, After the ports of Alexandria and Said.

Composed of a total of twenty terminals dedicated to passengers, cattle or coal, as well as a specialized terminal through which move millions of containers, This area thousands of people and goods every day they pass, tools that guarantee the safety of workers and prevent unknown losses are vital.

The video surveillance system deployed in the Damietta port container terminal aims to cover the lack of safety in the most conflictive areas, with the installation of a wide variety of network security cameras, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (with IP66 protection and vandal-proof housings) to ensure the quality of recording under any circumstances.

These high-performance IP devices have a resolution of 3 megapixel, wide dynamic range and auto-focus to deliver high picture quality, In addition to incorporating filters such as face detection, intrusion and abandoned objects.

Port of damietta ScatiAlso, also have been installed PTZ dome, with a resolution of 2 megapixel and specially designed to offer high quality day and night recordings, to cover large areas of safety under all weather conditions.

Thanks to the advanced security solution of Scati, the port authority can have at its disposal a complete control system for infrastructure, goods, fleets of vehicles and staff, guaranteeing the quality of the service.

This video surveillance platform provides a system that acts as a deterrent of crime to the container terminal and, in the event of an incident, facilitates instant search options.

Also, It offers customer a comprehensive system of safety of facilities and assets, While it facilitates the management of unknown losses and resolution of incidents by monitoring and visual monitoring of logistics processes. Scati systems can be used to manage plants scattered from a single control center, Optimizing processes.

It is a scalable system, the solution installed in this port of Egypt is prepared to adapt to future enlargements of the installation, no need for additional investment.

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By • 30 Nov, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, FEATURED CASE STUDY, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security, CCTV