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This hotel, inaugurado este verano en Mallorca, has more of 80 mini CCTV camera dome and Scati box in access, Halls, hall, parking and other dependencies.

Melia Calvia Beach Hotel

The last month of July, Melia Hotels International opened her latest project, Mallorca Calvia Beach The Plaza hotel, It is part of a large hotel complex next to the Sun House Studio and Sun House Calviá hotels. They are annexes to the Mall Momentum Plaza that, their 5.000 SQM seeks to become a benchmark in the tourism sector at the global level.

Calvia Beach The Plaza was built to become an example of hotel of avant-garde architecture thanks to an innovative design and the optimization of its spaces, hosting a 'hanging' of more pool of 20 meters, unique in Europe.

Scati Melia Calvia Beach HotelFor this project, Meliá Hotels International has returned to entrust the security of its facilities in Scati. From more than 10 years old, This is the manufacturer of video surveillance systems homologated in all brands of the Group (Gran Melia, ME, Paradisus, Melia, Tryp, Sol Meliá, etc.) to protect their assets and their customers.

To undertake this ambitious project in Mallorca, they have been installed more than 80 mini CCTV camera dome and Scati box in access, Halls, hall, parking and other dependencies.

The models used include the SEM-3611R1-EXA2, a dome camera that has a highly discreet design and offers great picture quality thanks to its 4 megapixel and its advanced features of WDR (up 120 dB) and backlight compensation. With casing anti gang, It's easy and install and covers the field of view of any space, ensuring the privacy and intimacy of the hotel's guests.

For the recording and management of images captured by these cameras are only necessary two Scati Vision teams, capable of storing up to 18 TB of information each.

Scati X 800 range consists of recording platforms capable of managing up to 64 IP Megapixel cameras with maximum performance. Diseñadas para cubrir las necesidades de seguridad de grandes instalaciones, son plataformas muy competitivas en precios que operan sobre sistema operativo Linux.

Scati Melia Calvia Beach Hotel

La gestión de seguridad de la instalación se hace a través de Scati Watcher, una herramienta para monitorizar y gestionar el video localmente, desde el centro de control propio, y remotamente, desde la receptora del hotel.

Watcher allows the system operator to respond to any incident in a way and in real time thanks to the monitoring of matrices of cameras and the appearance of pop-up windows for video associated with alarms. With this tool it is possible to carry out forensic searches by schedules, associated with planes, and even thanks to the advanced filters, by video or third-party sensors.

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By • 10 Oct, 2018
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