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The International Salon of security had the support of 43.732 professionals 81 countries, that came a few days ago to know the proposal of 645 companies.


Positive balance in representation and commercial dynamism defined the recent celebration of SICUR 2018 in IFEMA -Feria de Madrid, After registering the participation of 645 exhibitors and the visit of 43.732 professionals from 81 countries, that meant growth of the 12 and of the 3,4%, respectively, According to the Organization's data.

Bosch sicur2018 openingSpecifically, the 55,23% professionals reported in the Edition 2018 the International Salon of security come outside Madrid, representing an increase of 4% with respect to the call of 2016, whereas a 8,5% the total number of visitors are international, mainly for the European market, as well as from Latin America.

All of them have had the possibility to know in detail the product offering, solutions and services of the 645 companies exhibiting at this year's Edition, as well as attend the program offered in SICUR Forum, that has banded to 2.500 attendees at its technical conferences, and more than four hundred who participated in the new SICUR Cyber space.

Sicur2018 opening


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By • 6 Sea, 2018
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