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To avoid primary contact and reduce contagion between health workers, Chinese manufacturer has donated to the field hospital its real-time thermal body temperature monitoring solution.

Dahua Ifema Covid thermal camera 19

In order to strengthen preventive measures against the contagion of Covid-19 of those on the front line, Dahua Technology has donated to the campaign hospital Ifema in Madrid its thermal solution of real-time body temperature monitoring.

Dahua Ifema Covid thermal camera 19The goal is to help maintain the health of health workers and other workers, who are currently doing their job at the field hospital. The thermal monitoring kit has been installed at the access of professionals of the fairgrounds to monitor the temperature of people accessing the facilities, and be able to act accordingly, significant temperature variation.

Since the onset of the health crisis, the multinational company has installed numerous temperature monitoring kits worldwide, including Wuhan Ground Zero (China) and other spaces like airports, train stations, Hospitals, Schools, metro stations and supermarkets in Asia and Europe, for aid in the prevention and control of this pandemic.

Dahua Ifema Covid thermal camera 19As for its operation, this thermal monitoring kit has a technology that allows to measure the temperature excluding other sources of heat, alerting visually and intelligently to abnormal variations detected.

This temperature control consists of a 'blackbody', placed in the field of view of the thermal camera, providing a constant and accurate temperature reference, being able to self-calibrate, something essential to maintain the high accuracy of the measurement.

This measure, gets an accuracy of ±0.3oC, and without physical contact with the person. In addition, the camera simultaneously provides a high-resolution visible image next to a thermal image of the scene, identifying the individual temperature of each person.

Dahua Ifema Covid thermal camera 19Thanks to Dahua's artificial intelligence algorithm, the system is able to recognize in human figures specifically his face, measuring the temperature on your forehead with great precision, and excluding any other nearby heat sources within the range of about three meters, that could be a false alarm.

To measure the temperature of 5.000 people with a front thermometer would take about four hours, as it takes a minimum of three seconds to measure it individually. However, using Dahua's solution, they just need 30 Minutes.

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By • 15 Apr, 2020
• Section: Detection, Video surveillance